English as a Second Language – Private Tutoring Services 

English as a Second Language (ESL) – Private Tutoring Services in Brickell, Downtown Miami and Online

My lesson plans are student-centered and multi-sensory. All activities are original and will touch upon multiple learning preferences. I encourage students to be open with me about their interests, as I prefer to incorporate these preferences into lessons. So activities can be individualized, we will discuss your learning styles and preferences prior to meeting. With that being said, I want to keep our lessons fun, creative and memorable. 

I graduated from the University of Miami with a B.A. in Economics and minor in Business Administration. I have just completed my TEFL certification course and will receive my certificate within the next month. My professional experience includes working in Fortune 500 Companies and well-known financial institutions. With a background in business, I can provide business English lessons to help you in your professional life! 

Please contact me if you’re interested in an individualized learning experience. Because lessons are student-centered, students will have the ability to choose how and what they learn. I am incredibly easy going and my ultimate goal for our lessons are comfort, fluency and accuracy. 

It’s preferred that our first lesson meet in a cafe or library in Downtown Miami/Brickell. I am also open to hold lessons at galleries, museums and other public places of interest as well. I can also provide at-home sessions and online courses via Skype or FaceTime

Lesson Plans and Prices