Framed BW Print // ed. 5/15


An original piece created by Alexis Markopoulos. This print was created on recycled paper and the frame has been personally thrifted by Alexis.

This print is edition 5 of 15.

Print is signed and dated by Alexis Markopoulos.  The edition is also specified.

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About the Collection

This collection focuses on normalizing the naked human body by using the human body as a giant stamp. I have left impressions of my skin, hair and limbs on varies sizes of paper as a simple approach in appreciating the body. Some prints are obvious parts of the human body while other prints are abstract in nature.

The entire collection is created from donated paper and thrifted frames. The art is minimalist and includes natural tones, making the pieces ideal for any space. Prints and frames vary, guaranteeing each piece to be one of a kind.


Every piece in this collection is original and rare. The process is very simple: I first paint my body and then stamp the form onto different mediums.

This collection is heavy in paper, making unframed pieces lightweight and easy to transport. I have framed my favorite prints and have submerged myself throughout the entire process of framing; I select and purchase each frame, then dissemble, matte and design each piece maintaining my vision.

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